Changing relationships (with my blog)

I go through blog platforms like I do men. Change them every two years.

No! Not really… I’ve really found my true soul mate now.

Parting with Blogspot (Em Duas Linguas, 2004 – 2006) saw me excited at the prospect of a transformation:

“After talking about it for a few months, I’ve finally built my new house. I’m changing to a new blog, a new life.”

In retrospect, saying good-bye to Typepad  (Phronesis, 2006 – 2008) was an over-optimistic technology solution to a personal identity issue:

“I’m getting hugely excited about the new site and logo that Lucy Pepper is making for me. It’s going to bring all the different parts of me together in Joomla…”

Farewell to Joomla (, 2008 – 2011) – was rather brusque:

“I will be updating my site and my blog soon as it’s getting quite out of date.”

  • Joomla is a great content management system, but I felt like it wants too much from me. I’ve got too much to do and it never really felt like my companion.
  • I felt a great affinity to Typepad and liked its straightforwardness, but why did I have to pay?
  • Blogger was familiar, comfortable and brought me lots of happiness. But I got frustrated at not being able to embed things (then).

Let’s see how things go with WordPress is an old friend who I’ve never fully committed to. I tend to pimp it rather than use it. That’s not entirely true as we use it for BEtreat and will do for another shared site soon. I find its admin interface instinctive, and it seems to have one less click to get places than Joomla.

The real no-no for me with Joomla is not getting a blog comment by email – I have to go log on to the site to see it. I daresay there was some Joomla plug-in I could get to fix that, but WordPress does it by default.

So that’s it, Joomla. It’s the door for now – but let’s stay friends. And hey, WordPress, let’s see what’s on tonight….

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2 Responses to Changing relationships (with my blog)

  1. Nancy White says:

    Welcome back to the WordPress “dark side.”

    It’s all about identity, eh? :=)

    My problem is I gave up any sort of organized reading or posting. Something just fell away last year and I haven’t figured what’s next!

  2. Bev says:

    That darn identity issue keeps raising its head! I have also really missed having somewhere to think aloud.

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