Where has all the reading gone?

There was a time when my desktop feed reader was one of the most lively places on my desktop, but it’s now a place I visit every now and then.

Until today I’ve stuck to NetNewsWire for reading feeds (no, I don’t like Google Reader – it’s browser based and useless if you travel). But NetNewsWire has become messy and a pain to read. NewsRack has taken over – I love the elegant, double pane, tabbed interface that makes it a joy to read.

Whether it’s Feeds, Facebook or Twitter my reading habits have gone from keeping an eye out on everything – to following people I care about, good writers on things that interest me, and sound bytes that keep me updated on social media tools and fun things like that.

For reading newspapers I have a browser folder on my toolbar which opens each papers in a new tab (same window). I browse through the papers clicking on articles in new tabs to read later. Firefox is great for this as you can put the newspaper on full screen mode, which looks great on my 17″.

Last year keeping up with wikis or workspaces went from my feed reader to email. But that’s now heading back to my feed reader ‘coz I’m fed up of waking up to a hundred mini wiki page updates in my inbox.

Discussion group messages go direct to a folder in my desktop email where I catch up around once a week.

Once a hard copy book addict I’m lucky if I read two books a year.  I’m reading one now – a slim book on Ethnography Lessons by Harry Woolcott. I’m on page 136 after two months. It’s fairly light reading and I love the author and the content. I’m also a speed reader. Ten years ago I would have wolfed the book down in an hour or so.  Now I suffer from concentration-competition.

And no, I don’t read on my iPhone – not unless I can find my strong glasses and am somewhere with free wifi. And I haven’t got a Kindle nor a iPad.

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