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An identity video – some tips

Making a 1 minute movie about who I am and what I do. Continue reading

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Where has all the reading gone?

There was a time when my desktop feed reader was one of the most lively places on my desktop, but it’s now a place I visit every now and then. Until today I’ve stuck to NetNewsWire for reading feeds (no, … Continue reading

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Finding an ID by Monday

I’m preparing a 1 minute video for my revamped website about who I am and what I do. Yikes. Who am I? And what do I do? I have a history of worrying about my identity and Nancy White (in Facebook comments) … Continue reading

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When is a crossing a boundary crossing?

I’m pondering on the way our landscapes look ever more complex as we have these cross-boundary encounters between nationalities, disciplines, professions and practices. The knock-on effects of our butterfly wing movements are both hugely significant and nothing at the same time. Continue reading

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Changing relationships (with my blog)

I go through blog platforms like I do men. Change them every two years. Continue reading

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