• Bev Trayner interviewed for the community of practice on Innovation Mainstreaming at ESFLive. Click here.
  • “Online course design from a communities of practice perspective” in E-learn magazine, ACM’s eLearn Magazine, Education and Technology in Perspective, (2006). Click here.
  • A social reporter’s toolbox. Click here.

Select publications

Please write to me, if you would like a copy of any of these articles.

Trayner, B. (forthcoming) “The art of convening complex learning encounters” in Learning in Landscapes of Practices. Open University Press, UK.

Wenger, E., de Laat, M, Trayner B. (forthcoming) “Promoting value creation in networks and communities: assessment framework”. Open University, The Netherlands.

Arnold, P., Smith, J. & Trayner, B. “One more tool – or exploring the practice of introducing new technologies in dispersed communities”, Springer Publishers.

Arnold, P., Smith, J. & Trayner, B. (2009) “Where do we meet next time? – negotiating places, identities and technologies in an autoethnography of a community of practice” Observatorio (OBS*), OberCom, Lisbon,

Arnold, P., Smith, J. & Trayner, B. (2007) “Narrative, community memory and technologies – or writing a literature review in high modernity”. In Community Informatics, Identity and Empowerment, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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Mavor S., & Trayner, B. “Aligning Genre with Practice: an Interdisciplinary Perspective for Course Design and Teaching in Higher Education”. In International Journal of Languages for Specific Purposes, Vol 20, nº 4, April 2002, Pergamon Press, Elsevier Science.


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