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I work mostly with non-profit organizations to design events or develop strategies for training and facilitating networks or communities of practice. I’ve been doing this since 1998. Until three years ago I was doing this while also working Higher Education in Portugal. I also tutored for the Online Education and Training course of the University of London and co-designed and presented a course an online course in Multiliteracies.

My  first degree was in Business, I have a Masters in Development, and am writing up my doctorate in Pedagogy and New Technologies. I also have a post-graduate diploma in Online Education and Training and another in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. I am bi-lingual in English and Portuguese and once spoke Swahili. These languages reflect the places I’ve lived in. I’ve tended to live and work at boundaries and intersections of places, negotiating cross-cultural, social and disciplinary perspectives.

I have a grown-up daughter and adopted son. And a share in the lives of three step-children.

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